How much fun is Paris when it rains?

Video: How much fun is Paris when it rains? Les Deux Plateaux by Daniel Buren. Video: How much fun is Paris when it rains? The Louvre.The great thing about Paris is that it’s close to London. The downside is that the weather will be just as unpredictable. Sure, Paris is always a good idea. But do you still think so when you’re walking around the city in the pouring rain?

A couple of weeks ago, when I started planning my trip, the weather was gorgeous. No rain and lots of sunshine. How lovely would it be to be walking around Paris right now, I thought. And so I got tickets for the Eurostar, found a nice hotel (Le 5 Codet) and was ready to go.

And then it started raining. Not just a little bit of rain, as in ‘my little folding umbrella will keep me dry’. No, more like a tropical storm. Without the wind and high temperatures. So not really tropical nor a storm… But let’s just say it was very, very wet.

So much for my plan to be walking around Paris, sitting outside one of those charming cafés with my coffee and croissant, and making a video of all the pretty places I would visit. Oh well, shit rain happens. Plan B it is. I borrowed a larger size umbrella from the hotel, took the metro instead of walking, had my coffee indoors…And made a video of Paris in the rain.

  • Such a beautiful film on Paris! 🙂

  • Ha! I love that photo of the umbrella human. And the video too, you’ve become quite the videographer!

    • Thanks! Still so much to learn though (keep that horizon straight, hold the camera still :-), but I love doing it.

  • Great film! I went to Paris in August and despite the rain this makes me want to go back. The hotel you stayed in is gorgeous!

    • Thanks Laura! I also always love being in Paris, even when it rains. But a bit of sunshine would have been nice… And I can highly recommend the hotel. It was great!

  • prisca

    Nice nice!!! I always enjoy your videos! and this one made me feel visiting Paris again and again!

  • The slow pace

    Gorgeous video! Do you know that sunny Paris pictured in films and Instagram feeds? Well, I’ve never seen it. Every single time that we’ve visited Paris the weather has been awful. Just one day, a couple of years ago, we had a few hours of sunshine. We were so excited that we didn’t know what to do! We were running from one side of the city to another taking pictures like crazy!
    However, that gloomy weather makes Paris more romantic and nostalgic, don’t you think? (That’s how I make myself feel better… with excuses like that…sigh!)

  • beautiful!
    I have experienced Paris in the rain and shine and always find the city to be full of magic

  • Ahh you went to Merci! I love their library café, was the perfect place for brunch when I went last year 🙂

    • ps. where do you get the music for your videos from? It’s always so lovely!

      • Loved Merci! Had seen that little red car all over Instagram so had to see it for myself. Didn’t try the café this time, but it looked so lovely. Will definitely try it next time. And I get my music usually either from the Vimeo Music Store or – like this time – from a site called

  • Am off there in a couple of weekends time, very much hoping it might not rain, but so used to it here, I don’t really care!!
    Rosie xx

    • Same here: London, Holland, Paris…. rain seems to be the constant factor. But still hope you’ll have nice weather when you go. Enjoy!

  • Jolanda


  • I love Paris when it rains, photos always look so subtle, just like the one above. However, exploring the city when it rains isn’t an ideal city. Here it’s also raining.. a lot. It seems like it never stops!

    • When you live in London (or the Netherlands) you’re used to the rain, but it’s not great when you’re away for the weekend. Anyway, Paris in the rain is better than no Paris at all :-).

  • That was such a beautiful video. You are getting so good at making these! I loved the song you chose to pair with it – very fitting! 🙂 Looks like you made the most of a rainy weekend, for sure.

  • Isaac Esquibel

    did you love Le 5 Codet??