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My story

Hey there! Thanks for visiting Urban Pixxels. I am Jacintha Verdegaal and I started this website in 2013 when I moved from the Netherlands to London.

People often ask me how and why I started blogging. I guess for me even before I moved to London I thought it would be fun to have a blog. I enjoyed reading them, I love photography and like sharing and writing stories. But then when it came to actually doing it, I wasn’t quite sure what my blog could be about. That very first post is always the hardest.

Then I moved to London in March 2013. And as I was looking for things to do, there happened to be a bloggers event that very first weekend. I decided to attend, met some really cool bloggers (they were a lot more social and nicer than I thought they would be), got a better idea of what it means to be a blogger, and a couple of days later Urban Pixxels was born.

Starting Urban Pixxels

Did I just say that the first post is the hardest? Scratch that! Figuring out a name for your blog is. Especially when you don’t know exactly the direction it will take. I still have a list of all the potential names and some are really, really(!) bad.

But I knew that photography (the pixels) would be an important part as well as my love for London and cities (urban) in general. And so finally, in the middle of the night, I came up with the name Urban Pixxels (Connecting the dots in a new city).

Urban Pixxels at the time was mostly a collection of my London tips: what to do and - very often - where to eat. Check out my London City Guide for all my tips. 

Urban Pixxels today

Today I still write about London (you’re never done exploring London), but Urban Pixxels is most of all a travel and photography blog.

What can you expect to find on Urban Pixxels?

city guides

City Guides & Travel Tips

As the name Urban Pixxels suggests, I write a lot about cities and city trips. Living in Europe means it’s so easy to fly or take the train on the weekend and explore an interesting city in another country. Sometimes I put all my tips in one post. Other times, especially when I visit a city more than once, I’ll share them in several posts over time. In my City Guides I’ve combined all my posts about a city to help you plan your own city trip: where to sleep, what to do, where to eat and videos that I made.

Photography & video

Travel photography & video

I could tell you all about the places I think you should visit, but in general a photo will be more convincing. I love traveling with my camera and then sharing the result here on Urban Pixxels and social media. I’ve been ‘into photography’ since 2007, but being a travel blogger has definitely helped me to develop and improve my own style. Seeing my photos appear in magazines still makes me super proud.

Making videos is still relatively new to me, but I love doing it. At first I was always behind the camera, giving you an impression of where I was. These days, I’m trying to put myself in front of the camera more often (still very awkward) so I can actually talk to you guys and share more of my trip.

If you want to see all my travel videos then check out my YouTube channel.

Travel Inspiration

Travel stories & inspiration

I’m always sharing my personal travel experiences, hoping to inspire you to travel more. As I said before, I often travel to cities, but not all the time. Have a look at my Destinations page for an overview of all the countries I’ve traveled to since I started Urban Pixxels.

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I’m really hoping that my photos, videos and tips will inspire you to plan some amazing trips all over the world. I’d love to hear about it!

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