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I was not going to miss it this year! The first time I heard about it – I had just moved to London – it was after the fact. The next year I had already booked a trip to Madrid. So no, no matter what, I would not miss it this year. For someone who wishes there would be such a thing as a leisurely bike ride in London but at the same time loves everything else that comes with living in this city – including all its quirkiness – what better event to attend than The Tweed Run?

I never seem to have enough time to really explore Berlin. And this weekend was no different. But what kind of travel bloggers would we be if we didn’t try to get the most out of the little time we had. I’d done my homework – I may even have created a little map – and knew exactly what I wanted to see, eat and drink. So here’s my Berlin ABC: Attractions, Brunch & Coffee for when you only have about one day to be a tourist in Berlin.

Ever since I started sharing my travels on this blog, I’ve become more selective about the places I want to stay at. If the hotel doesn’t inspire me to take nice photos, then I’d rather spend my money on something else. By now I kind of know where to find great hotels that won’t break the bank. (Although admittedly I’m no budget traveler either). So finding a room for one or two people, that I can do. But what about a room for four people in Berlin?

I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I hit publish for the first time and started my own little blog. I remember reading that most blogs don’t make it past the first six months and I was wondering if I would be one of them.

What did I know about blogging? Nothing, except from following some other bloggers whose lives seemed to be pretty interesting. Traveling the world and then writing about it. Can I do that please?

Two weeks ago the coolest thing ever happened. Harper’s Bazaar featured me on their website as one of the ’17 travel accounts to follow on Instagram’. I love Instagram – it’s turning into a serious addiction – but at the time I only had around 1500 followers. Don’t get me wrong, I was very proud of this number, but usually when you see these top-something lists, it’s often with the same accounts that all have more than 100.000 followers. So to say I was surprised to see my name pop up would be an understatement.

One of the things I’m always interested in is what apps other Instagrammers are using. So I thought I would share my ‘workflow’ from taking a photo with my iPhone to sharing it on Instagram. It may seem a bit much, but it really only takes a couple of minutes.