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The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of my favorite museums in London. Their collection is incredible and every time I visit, I discover a new floor or wing that I hadn’t seen before.

This weekend I walked around the museum with my camera for a couple of hours. But instead of photographing the art, I decided to focus on the contrast between the antiquity of the pieces and the fleetingness of their visitors. Which is why I used a long shutter speed in most photos, to reduce the visitors to anonymous, temporary ghosts or dark silhouettes.

Today I’m joining the ladies from The B Bar in a link up about our favorite instagrammers. I don’t do link ups that often, but since I consider myself to be a true insta-adict, I thought it would be fun to join this one. My top 3 instagrammers, how hard can that be? Well…turns out that I’m following so many amazing photographers, that it took me a while to narrow it down.

I already shared a top 10 on Instagram a little while ago, and I still consider them as some of my favorites. But since then I’ve discovered so many new ones, that I decided to make a top 3 with people that I didn’t mention in my previous overview.

Old houses fascinate me. I wouldn’t necessarily want to live in one, but I love to visit them and pretend for a moment that I do. Walking down the grand staircase, reading a book in front of the fireplace in a library filled with books… It’s not often that you can visit and walk around houses like this.

But for only three months a year you can at 2 Temple Place, just outside Temple Station. It’s the most amazing experience and now tops my list of favorite hidden gems in the city. How could I not have known about this place?!

It had gotten to a point last year where it seemed that all I was doing in London was drink coffee. Of course that wasn’t really true, but I got a bit overly excited about sharing my latest coffee discoveries here on the blog. So I decided to focus on other things for a while, but that doesn’t mean I stopped exploring the London coffee scene. Especially when I need a break, I love sitting in a cool new coffee place, sipping my flat white and reading a paper or do some people watching. Okay, okay, and sometimes take some photos too. Only sometimes, really…

I’m starting to run out of ways to describe a London afternoon tea. Seriously, does anyone have a food writing for dummies book they can recommend? After so many tea blog posts last year, I decided to wait a bit before sharing my afternoon tea with Chiara at The Rose Lounge. True, all the photos with Christmas decorations now don’t really make sense anymore. But hey, see all these rose petals? And our table was in the shape of a heart (which I totally missed by the way). It could just as well be a Valentine’s theme, right? So let’s just go with that.